Artificial Intelligence is changing in the Creative Industries from creation and production, protection, distribution, to consumption. The Music Industry is a leading example of a Creative Industry sector embracing AI, and its use of AI impacts and foreshadows other Creative Industries, providing a vibrant and rich ecosystem in which to examine the use and implications of AI.

The size of the global Music Industry and the substantially different landscapes of digital music, AI, and culture between the UK and China provide significant opportunities for interdisciplinary long term collaboration building on each countries’ different yet complementary strengths.

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The main objectives of our partnership development activities are to:

  • Map out the landscape of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for music in the Creative Industries in China and the UK
  • Bring together researchers and industry stakeholders in the Creative Industries to build partnerships to examine the impact and potential of AI for music in the Creative Industries in China and the UK
  • Foster partnerships for development of substantial proposals for research-industry collaboration in AI for music in the Creative Industries of China and the UK
  • Examine and prioritise pressing questions in AI for music including:
    • What can be learnt across the Creative Industries from AI for music?
    • How might data sets be shared, or bridged, across sectors, countries, and cultures? How might massively available music content affect other Creative Industries and workflows?
    • How will IP, rights and business models be affected when content is produced by and through AI?
      What skills are needed to make the most of AI for music in Creative Industries, and what is the role of the composer and designer when AI is involved in the creative process?
    • What are business models for AI for music in the Music Industry, and how might these be applicable across the Creative Industries?
    • How can we measure the impact of AI on the Music Industry, Creative Industries, and creative practice? How do we value people’s engagement with, and acceptance of AI generated content?